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3 Ways To Get Headache Relief In Yorkville, IL

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Are you looking for headache relief in the Yorkville area? If so, we want to share with you three ways to find relief that you may not have considered.

The first form of therapy we use for headache relief is also, by far, the most effective. Chiropractic care. What many people don’t know is that most headaches are cervicogenic in nature. That means they are coming from alignment issues in the neck or cervical spine region. Small misalignments to these areas can cause big headaches by irritating delicate nerves in the area.

This never irritation then causes tightening of the surrounding muscles and that alone can cause your headaches. Some never fibers actually go back inside the cranium, or skull, and can

cause a migraine headache to be triggered. We always recommend you get a proper chiropractic evaluation of the cervical region like the ones we offer at The Pain To Health Center. This is the best, and most sensible, place to start your road to ridding yourself of your headaches.

The next recommendation we give is to consider focused massage therapy that targets the upper cervical spine. Again, these same alignment issues can cause the muscles in the area to tighten up. This triggers headaches in many cases and focused massage can help you get relief from these headaches. We recommend this massage take place in a clinical setting rather than a franchised massage location. Clinical settings have the advantage of a licensed doctor on staff to help guide the therapist.

Lastly, we find using some good old fashioned physical therapy coupled with the above two therapies works well. Physical therapy on it’s own is fairly limited in it’s results but when we perform it to support the first two options it’s more effective. That’s not a knock on PT as it’s great for lots of things.

If you’re suffering with headaches in Yorkville, feel free to give us a call. We would be happy to schedule you a Free consultation to see if our unique approach to headaches would work for you. We have been fortunate to help lots of great people get relief from headaches over the years. We’d love to help you too.