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Scoliosis Treatment - Chiropractic Care

Dr. Mark Glynn is a chiropractic physician from The Pain to Health Center in Naperville who has treated many scoliosis patients with great results. Dr. Glynn has provided some valuable information for you to consider on the topic of scoliosis treatment. Scoliosis is a condition of the spine whereby the normal spinal alignment is lost. The typical straight up and down alignment of the spine when looking from front to back shifts to that of one that looks like a big “S” or that of a “C”.

These two patterns of scoliosis are most common. Unfortunately many who have scoliosis are not aware of the disorder until symptoms appear or they undergo an evaluation that uncovers the condition. Most cases of scoliosis have an idiopathic or unknown cause. Some are caused vertebra in the spine that are malformed.


Chiropractic care in combination with proper exercises and sometimes bracing are effective forms of treatment. Many healthcare providers are still somewhat in the dark as to the great results these treatments can offer a person with scoliosis. In years past, body braces were used with little to no effect. In some extreme cases metal rods are surgically attached to the spine to keep the condition from getting worse over time. The Doctors of Chiropractic at The Pain to Health Center do not recommend either of these options as starting points.

Proper examination by a chiropractor familiar with scoliosis treatment is the best place to start. A course of corrective chiropractic care coupled with appropriate exercise has proven to be very effective in helping reduce the symptoms of scoliosis. In more severe cases of scoliosis a brace may be prescribed. The brace used at The Pain to Health Center for scoliosis treatment is the most advanced in physical medicine today. The Peak Scoliosis Bracing System is designed to be custom fitted to each scoliosis patient.

The Peak system is designed to improve spinal alignment, increase mobility, improve posture, and to enable the patient to better perform normal activities of daily living. The Peak brace is also covered by many insurance policies. To find out if chiropractic care or scoliosis bracing is appropriate for your scoliosis, contact The Pain to Health Center in Naperville, IL and schedule a complimentary scoliosis evaluation with one of the doctors of chiropractic.

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