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Upper Back Pain - Chiropractic Care

Suffering with upper back pain can affect all areas of your life. Work, play, social, family life are all made less enjoyable when you have pain in your upper back. Unfortunately many individuals who suffer with this pain are unaware of the cause or the best course of treatment. The chiropractors at The Pain to Health Center in Naperville offer a great explanation as to the cause and the best course of treatment for upper back pain.


Pain in the upper region of the back can be caused by mechanical misalignment of the thoracic spine as well as issues with the cervical (neck) spine. Typically when spinal vertebra (bones) lose their normal alignment they can irritate delicate nerves causing pain. Additionally this loss of alignment also causes abnormal stresses on the muscles and connective tissues of area resulting in upper back pain. Many people report an almost constant feeling or stress and tension in the muscles of the upper back. The pain is reported to be worse on days when under larger amount of physical or mental stress.
Upper Back Pain

The common medical approach to solving upper back pain seems mainly to deal with the symptoms. Over the counter pain medications are often the first choice of people who suffer with this condition. Unfortunately pain medications are only dealing with a symptom of the upper back pain and do not address the underlying cause. Prescription medications for this condition will often include a stronger pain medication along with a basic muscle relaxer. The pain medication obviously targets the pain and the muscle relaxer targets the associated tension in the muscle. This is normally yields temporary relief at best as the cause is again not addressed.

The approach chiropractic care offers for upper back pain targets the underlying cause. The goal is to corrected any spinal alignment problems that are so often the root cause of this condition. When that goal is attained the symptoms disappear without the need for over the counter or prescription medications. This method of treating upper back pain is proven highly effective and very safe. Dr. Mark Glynn, a local doctor of chiropractic in Naperville, recommends anyone with upper back pain schedule an appointment for evaluation at a chiropractic clinic. Doctors of chiropractic will sit down with each new patient and perform a consultation learning about the history of the upper back pain and follow that with a thorough examination of the area. The examination normally reveals the areas of the spine that are causing the pain and a treatment plan is then designed for each patient.

Normally patients start to see improvement in the first few visits to a chiropractor. As alignment of the spine progresses the symptoms of upper back pain are decreased in both frequency and intensity. The real value of chiropractic care for upper back pain is in the fact that it not only addressed the current pain but is very effective in preventing future episodes. Dr. Glynn recommends that anyone who is affected by upper back pain reach out to a local doctor of chiropractic and schedule an evaluation right away. Prompt intervention is always the smart choice when dealing with health issues.

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